The Castle of Troy I travel mostly alone. And when many people find out, many are surprised and perplexed how you can go somewhere alone.

Traveling alone has both many advantages and many disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that when you travel alone, you still have to pay for two.

For example, when you book a hotel room, you have to take a double. Since there are often no single rooms in hotels. Of course, you can book a bed in hostels, but you want personal space.

With food in a cafe (if you don’t eat fast food), the same story.

So in cafes in Europe, huge portions, for example, when I was in Prague, I barely ate a log. And if I went to a cafe with someone, I would ask for one serving and a couple of clean plates.

In traveling alone, in addition to the minuses, there are also pluses. The most important advantage I think is that you don’t have to adjust to each other. Since all people are different and all people have different interests, there may be a dispute about which museum to go to. In addition to various interests, it happens that people organize their daily routine differently. For example, one person likes to sleep longer, and the other, on the contrary, gets up very early. For me, one of the advantages is personal space. When I travel alone, I always stay alone in the room and no one bothers me.

Sometimes there are times when traveling I get scared. But no matter how much I traveled, there were always people who helped me. For example, when I was in Poland, I mixed up the train stations. I needed a train station near the metro station “Mlociny”, and I arrived at the bus station “Zachodnya”. So the Pole calmed me down, abandoned his business and put me on the train.

In Paris, the French love their city so much that when you ask them how to get through or how to get through, they drop their business and help tourists.

Therefore, traveling alone is not scary, but it is necessary to observe basic safety rules and before leaving it is advisable to read information about the country you are going to go to, there is a lot of useful information on the Internet now, and of course it is advisable to take information not from one site but from several.