Kamenets-Podolsk Castle. Chronicle in stone.

Kamianets-Podolsky Castle fortress in Kamianets-Podolsky was built at the end of the XII, at the beginning of the XIII century, 150-200 years after the founding of the city on the island. From the very beginning and almost to the end of the XV century . it was a feudal castle, in which the appanage princes and boyars constantly lived. The castle stands on a high cliff. It has two tiers of fortifications. The first lower one runs at the level […]

Economic factors of tourism development


The industrial era, in which material well-being was the main value, is being replaced by the post-industrial era, where impressions and sensations are the main goal. The development of transport, communications, increasing mobility, urbanization, reduction of working hours, and the growth of social wealth have become important factors affecting the development of tourism.

In these conditions, the socio-economic position of tourism is rapidly strengthening.

Its share in world trade in services is more than 30%. In the world market, the tourist product […]