Do you want to see Turkey from a new angle, and not from the beach line? Go to this amazing country in December. Winter holidays in the Turkish expanses are not beaches, because the season has long ended, but leisurely walks along the embankment, spa treatments, affordable ski holidays, relaxing time at the hotel and very attractive prices. Many entertainments are closed at this time. However, some of them are available to guests all year round. Independent organization of the future tour In order to go to Turkey and have a good rest there, it is not necessary to buy a ready-made ticket from a tour operator.

You can create the tour of your dreams by yourself.

You can book a hotel, excursions and buy cheap air tickets online using the services of a special service. You can read more about each of the excursions on the Internet, compare the distance of the route with the location of the hotel, and also assess how its content suits you. Weather in Turkey in December, Turkey is located in different climatic zones, and therefore the winter temperature at different resorts will also differ. It will be warmest on the Mediterranean coast, where the daytime temperature is +16 C, and the night temperature is +9 C. The water temperature in the sea at this time can reach +19 C. There will be a similar regime in Antalya. It will be a little colder in Side, Alanya, Kemer, Kasha. During the day, the thermometer rises to + 12 C, and at night – up to + 8 C.