Alas, but one day everyone has heart problems. Pressure surges, vasodilation, angina pectoris, heart attack – it is possible to name diseases that are associated with the work of the most important organ for a very long time. Cardiologists advise to undergo rehabilitation in boarding houses, closer to nature. The ideal place is a sanatorium in Samara, located on the banks of the Volga. We present you 3 ways to recover effectively and quickly after a disease.

Sanatorium on the Volga

Swimming pool

If swimming in the Volga River is not for you, take a look at the pool. Daily swimming exercises have a positive effect on the heart: reduce heart rate, activate blood circulation and . After a week of 30-minute workouts, you will feel an improvement. But what is important is that such physical activity is suitable for absolutely everyone.


If you decide to buy a ticket to a sanatorium, we warn you – treatment is already included in its price. Do not worry, you will be offered a completely gentle treatment: phytoaromatherapy, taking oxygen ozone baths, magnetotherapy and massages. Professional doctors will carefully monitor your health, will do everything to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.


Walking is a type of active exercise, which is especially useful during rehabilitation. Doctors advise to take at least 6 thousand steps regularly (approximately 5 kilometers). In new hospitals for patients, outings to nature are often carried out. Agree, it’s so wonderful to take a walk in the meadow, admire the local beauties and breathe fresh air.