Currently, there are quite a few classifications of tourism. Depending on the factors underlying it, it is divided into the following types:

1) by orientation – to international (consists of entry and exit) and domestic;

2) by nature – organized and active;

3) by time duration – short-term and long-term (from one-day to multi-day);

4) according to the range of movement – near and far;

5) according to the number of tourists – collective (group) and individual;

6) according to the method of transportation – pedestrian, bicycle, horse (as well as movement with the help of other animals – dogs, deer, yaks, camels, mules, etc.), ski, automobile, motorcycle, water, complex (including two or more ways of movement on the route) tourism;

7) by the nature of the route – speleotourism, mountain, etc.;

8) by goals – cultural, educational, environmental, sports, wellness, recreational;

9) according to the composition of participants – children’s, youth, for age groups (almost not developed in Russia) – or tourism of the “third age”, complex (for parents with children).

In recent decades, new types of tourism have appeared: – business, intensive tourism, congress, club, corporate, timeshare, elite, ethno-cultural, extreme.

The composition of the tourism system

Tourism currently represents a whole system that includes a variety of elements. These include: a tourist product, i.e. a set of tourist services and tours (or routes that meet the basic needs of people; a subject of tourism – citizens of Russia and foreign countries, public, state and private enterprises and organizations of tourism and travel; a participant of tourism – i.e. a citizen using products and services created by the tourism system; object – the entire sphere of tourism-related services (food, accommodation, transport, cultural institutions, natural, cultural–historical, sports, wellness and other facilities); organizer – a legal entity or individual entrepreneur providing planning and implementation of events, programs, creation and distribution of tourist products.