There is always a choice in everything to go to Warsaw on the crossbar. When we travel, we have a choice to get to our destination quickly and comfortably. Or we can get there cheap, but spend more time on the road and without comfort.

Somehow I really wanted to go to Italy, but there wasn’t a lot of money. I found out that low-cost airlines fly from Warsaw to Italy.

I went to Warsaw in a combined way using a bus, train and commuter train. I would have flown to Italy in 3.5 hours by plane. And so I only drove to Warsaw for 20 hours, and since I was tired, I decided to spend the night in Warsaw.

Of the advantages of such a trip:

Saving money;
I visited several cities on the way: Terespol, Brest;
I experienced a lot of emotions, it was very interesting: crossing the border, walking through border towns. By the way, Terespol reminded me of our small towns near Moscow.
Of the minuses:
The road took a lot of time;
There are both minuses and pluses in such a journey as mine, but I experienced so many strong positive emotions that I wanted to see if it was even cheaper to go to a particular city.

Everyone probably knows that it is cheaper to get to Helsinki via St. Petersburg. It is not only cheaper to get to Helsinki from Moscow via St. Petersburg, but also to Tallinn. And it is faster and cheaper to get to Vilnius via Minsk. I myself went to Vilnius by bus, spent several hours at the border. I also went to Warsaw by bus, I also spent several hours at the border, spent the same amount of time as on the combined method, but I didn’t see anything except the bus. And I didn’t have as many emotions as when traveling in a combined way. When traveling to Warsaw by bus, I only had severe fatigue and stiff legs, so I didn’t want to go all the way to Warsaw by bus. Also, the combined method turns out to be cheaper than going only by bus.

Therefore, if you want to visit any country, but there is not enough money, then look at the flight to neighboring cities, also see if the bus or train runs from one city to another. Read travel websites, if I hadn’t read websites about how the guys from Minsk went to Warsaw, I wouldn’t have thought of such an interesting, complex way of getting around.