From this review you will learn how to use online casino payment system Neteller. The system of electronic payments Neteller began its work in 1999. Today, this company is quite popular among players at foreign online casinos. Despite the strong competition with other similar payment systems, for example such as Moneybookers, the company Neteller has managed to take a leading position in the market of online payments.

Until 2010, the company Neteller was completely uninteresting for players from Russia, as it did not give them the opportunity to use their services. In March 2010, the company opened access for residents of Russia and Ukraine. In addition, the company Neteller cooperates with the popular Russian payment system, allowing with its help to replenish the account in the system.

The registration and account opening process does not cost any money and does not take much time. You will need to provide certain data about yourself. It is worth indicating at least a real phone number, as the manager of the company may call you to verify your existence. Further, if you want to increase your status in the system and have more possibilities of using it, you will need to send copies of certain documents.

Neteller sets certain restrictions for its customers, depending on their country of residence.
Neteller company establishes certain restrictions for its clients, depending on the country of residence. For example, citizens of Russia are not allowed to withdraw money to their bank cards.

However, the advantage of the payment system Neteller is their own debit card Net+. The card is linked to your Neteller account and you can use it to withdraw money or pay wherever Master Card is accepted.

Detailed information about the Neteller payment system is available on the company’s website.

If you have an account with Neteller, it is not difficult to make a deposit to an online casino. If Neteller is not available in your chosen online casino as one of the payment systems, you can use the Net+ card, as any online casino works with bank cards, and your Net+ card will not be any different from the most common bank card.

The pluses of the payment system Neteller include its high prevalence among foreign online casinos, the high speed of payments, and the possibility of withdrawing money from online casinos.

Disadvantages are rather limited list of available methods to deposit and withdraw money from the system, not a popular system among domestic online casinos, rather high fees.