One of the obvious perks of online slots is the chance to win good rewards without having to put in a lot of effort. As a rule, video slots are simple and straightforward, as each round is triggered by a simple push of a button.

Online Slots Basics

To the novice player, it may seem like the bet level and coin value are the same thing. However, there is a difference between these concepts that is worth considering.

By changing the bet level, you increase or decrease the number of coins placed on each betting line. The coin value, in turn, determines the face value of one coin in your total bet per spin. In this way, you have more flexibility in choosing the total bet you want to make.

For example, by choosing a coin denomination of $0.01, you can increase your bet level, reaching, say, a total bet of $0.40 per spin. This is interesting and important because there is no $0.40 coin denomination, but with these tools you can, if you wish, set your stake to that size.

What are the reels in slot games?

Simply put, they are vertical rows of symbols on the playing field, which (each individually) spin each time you place a bet. Whether or not you win something in a round is determined by the consecutive combination of symbols on the reels. Classic slot machines only had three reels, but over time the number has increased to five, seven and even more!

In fact, today it was five-reel slot games are considered the standard for casinos, as they give more possible combinations than the traditional three-reel “one-armed bandits.

Winnings in slots

A payline is a particular line on the playing field, which can produce a winning combination for the round. Different games have varying numbers of paylines, from 1 to 100, and even more. However, in most modern video slots, their number varies from 10 to 25.

Many slot games have a fixed number of paylines, although in some of them you can choose the appropriate set yourself. Remember that the more paylines you select per round, the more often you win, but the total bet, in turn, increases. In addition, keep in mind that the “lines” are not always straight: they can pass through the reels diagonally, zigzagging or even in a rather strange way. Before you start playing a new video slot, be sure to go to the game menu, where you will find all the comprehensive information.

What is a free spin round?

Usually you can activate a free spins bonus round in the main game mode. More often than not, three or more Scatter symbols must appear on the reels for this to happen. If the bonus round is activated, you can play a certain number of rounds for free – hence the name.

Of course, you get all the winnings per spin, as in normal game mode. But remember that often during the bonus round you can win additional free spins and activate other game features!