Many poker games fans want to try something dynamic and fast sometimes, and 3-card poker is one of these “somethings”. This game is capable of delivering pleasure. Tired of predicting the opponent’s moves and building multi-level strategies? Then play 3-card poker — it is simpler than any type of 5-card poker.

3-card poker rules and tips

Here, the game participant fights against the casino (dealer). It is worth noting that the percentage of payments in casinos that include this type of game is quite high, which is why 3-card poker is so attractive. As in all popular types of this game, the player’s goal is to collect the most powerful combination of cards that exceeds the dealer’s combination.

Traditionally, a standard 52-card deck is used, which is shuffled after each round of play. In fact, this type of poker includes 2 games at once, namely a Pair plus and an Ante. These games can be played together or separately, which is why the player needs to make at least one bet.

The Ante is the amount of the contribution to enter the game. This poker type offers both regular payments, which depend on a croupier’s move (for example, he needs a Queen or a better hand) and bonus payments, which depend on whether the gambler has a hand that meets the bonus criteria. Here, payments to the gamer are made at a different coefficient, and the croupier’s hand does not matter. This stuff should be considered when a newbie wants to get higher winning chances. Pair Plus here is a bet that the game will get a Pair or a higher hand.

At the very beginning of any poker for 3 card game, the participant bets in the Ante sector on the table, with the current agreed betting limits; winning hands in poker table (if needed) can be checked beforehand. The croupier and the gamer receive 3 cards each, the values of which are known only to them. Ante burns out if the gamer discards cards at the earliest stage. If the gambler decides to participate, he must make an equal Ante. Suppose the gamer has a winning hand. Then, he gets both Ante and a Pair Plus (if they were made). Then, a croupier needs a Queen to continue playing, but when this combination is absent, the dealer loses. Thus, the strategy of making high bets with a Queen works — this tip can be used to win.

Meaningful game combinations

Naturally, it is worth listing all of them here:

  • The minimum one is Queen;
  • Pair (example, two 5s);
  • Flush (example — 5, 8, 10 — one suit);
  • Straight (in 3-card poker, it is higher than Flush (for example, 9, 10, Jack — any 3 cards in ascending order of different suits);
  • Four of a kind (3 cards, for example, three Kings);
  • Straight Flush (3 cards in ascending order and of the same suit, for example: Jack, Queen, and King of hearts).

There is no Royal Flush in this game. All hands come in ascending order.

If a person wants to play 3-card poker online, and cannot find the site, where he can do it, he can try to play poker Unblocked Games 77 versions and similar resources.