Climbing to the Top: Top Female Streamers on Twitch

In today’s world, streaming has become an integral part of pop culture, providing viewers with access to a variety of real-time content. The Twitch platform, being a leader in this industry, has given many talented and charismatic personalities the opportunity to reach a wide audience. Among this diversity, women streamers deserve special attention, who not only demonstrate a high level of skill in video games, but also make a significant contribution to the development of the esports and streaming communities. […]

Embracing Diversity: Making Education Inclusive for Everyone

Hi, I’m Danilo. My passion? Ensuring education is within reach for all. Think of school as broccoli – not everyone’s favorite but undeniably beneficial. Regardless of their circumstances, everyone should have their plate filled with this educational broccoli. My tale begins in a regular classroom setting, where the main theme is ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all in education.

Addressing the Unspoken: Overlooking Needs in Current Educational Systems

The conventional school framework often doesn’t cater to students with disabilities. When I was […]

Traveling alone

The Castle of Troy I travel mostly alone. And when many people find out, many are surprised and perplexed how you can go somewhere alone.

Traveling alone has both many advantages and many disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that when you travel alone, you still have to pay for two.

For example, when you book a hotel room, you have to take a double. Since there are often no single rooms in hotels. Of course, you can book a bed in hostels, […]

Do we travel fast or cheap

There is always a choice in everything to go to Warsaw on the crossbar. When we travel, we have a choice to get to our destination quickly and comfortably. Or we can get there cheap, but spend more time on the road and without comfort.

Somehow I really wanted to go to Italy, but there wasn’t a lot of money. I found out that low-cost airlines fly from Warsaw to Italy.

I went to Warsaw in a combined way using a bus, […]

Abkhazia: The country of my soul

Abkhazia: The country of my soul in recent years, the topic of active tourism, moving to other countries, visiting the most remote corners of the world is gaining more and more momentum.

I myself started traveling at the age of 19. I have never been to the sea or abroad before. After the first trip, I promised myself to travel a lot. For several years I have visited Egypt, the UAE, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand and Abkhazia. […]

Kamenets-Podolsk Castle. Chronicle in stone.

Kamianets-Podolsky Castle fortress in Kamianets-Podolsky was built at the end of the XII, at the beginning of the XIII century, 150-200 years after the founding of the city on the island. From the very beginning and almost to the end of the XV century . it was a feudal castle, in which the appanage princes and boyars constantly lived. The castle stands on a high cliff. It has two tiers of fortifications. The first lower one runs at the level […]

Sanatorium on the Volga: 3 ways of rehabilitation after heart ailments

Alas, but one day everyone has heart problems. Pressure surges, vasodilation, angina pectoris, heart attack – it is possible to name diseases that are associated with the work of the most important organ for a very long time. Cardiologists advise to undergo rehabilitation in boarding houses, closer to nature. The ideal place is a sanatorium in Samara, located on the banks of the Volga. We present you 3 ways to recover effectively and quickly after a disease.

Sanatorium on the Volga

Swimming […]

Why go to Turkey in December?

Do you want to see Turkey from a new angle, and not from the beach line? Go to this amazing country in December. Winter holidays in the Turkish expanses are not beaches, because the season has long ended, but leisurely walks along the embankment, spa treatments, affordable ski holidays, relaxing time at the hotel and very attractive prices. Many entertainments are closed at this time. However, some of them are available to guests all year round. Independent organization of the […]

Types of tourism

Currently, there are quite a few classifications of tourism. Depending on the factors underlying it, it is divided into the following types:

1) by orientation – to international (consists of entry and exit) and domestic;

2) by nature – organized and active;

3) by time duration – short-term and long-term (from one-day to multi-day);

4) according to the range of movement – near and far;

5) according to the number of tourists – collective (group) and individual;

6) according to the method of transportation – pedestrian, […]

Economic factors of tourism development


The industrial era, in which material well-being was the main value, is being replaced by the post-industrial era, where impressions and sensations are the main goal. The development of transport, communications, increasing mobility, urbanization, reduction of working hours, and the growth of social wealth have become important factors affecting the development of tourism.

In these conditions, the socio-economic position of tourism is rapidly strengthening.

Its share in world trade in services is more than 30%. In the world market, the tourist product […]